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Bela Lugosi Black and White

Every year around Halloween I try to do at least one monster painting. This year is the great Bela Lugosi. I think I’m going to try colorizing this and seeing how it goes.



Mila Kunis

Here’s a painting I’ve been working on and off on for a little while of actress Mila Kunis. I was tempted to paint a Meg Griffin hat on her head, but I didn’t think most people would get the joke.



Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Several months back I was hired to do a cover for the Nashville City Paper. It’s a long story, but the short version goes there was a bit of a mixup with the schedule and as it turns out I had to turn around the entire cover in just about seven hours. This is far and away the shortest time I’ve ever had to do a cover for any publication and on top of that there was surprisingly little photo reference to be had of the people I had to paint. I finished on time, but I wasn’t really happy with the result, but at the time I figured at least it was done and that’s what mattered. The story, incidentally, had to do with a crazy contract/real estate deal involving three former Kansas City Royals, Dan Quisenberry, George Brett and Willie Wilson. Today the AD from The City Paper realized he never sent me a copy of the cover to show me how the final layout turned out. I have to admit, seeing it now months later, I like how it turned out better than I did before.



John Krasinski

I have to confess, I’ve hardly ever watched NBC’s The Office. Mostly because I love the original British version of the show and I always found the American version to be a pale imitation. Here’s my version of series star John Krasinski for this week’s Caricaturama challenge over on FaceBook.



Lord Alan Sugar

This is a cover illustration I did for a new U.K. iPad-only publication called The Browser. This is Lord Alan Sugar, host of the British version of The Apprentice. This is my preferred version of the cover, which is slightly different from what will actually appear.