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New York Observer Cover

Here’s my latest New York Observer cover. This one was particularly difficult because it was almost impossible to find a photo of the main subject. The article is about a guy named Bill O’Reilly (no, not that one). He’s a Republican political strategist who ran the campaign of Bill Turner, who won Anthony Weiner’s House seat in a heavily Democratic district. After much searching, I only found a single, not very good photo of the guy. I take a little comfort in knowing that even if I messed up the likeness. No one is going to know what he looks like anyway.



Glenn Beck

Here’s my latest. Here’s Fox News political pundit Glenn Beck. I’m going to try to stay off my political high horse expounding on which side of the political fence I’m on, but as for the illustration itself, I gotta say, I’m really proud of the hands on this one. Hands are always difficult for me to draw, which I suppose is weird because most people (myself include) have a perfectly good set to use as reference anytime I want.